Bringing Joy to the Race for Ten Years


April 11, 2023 – Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup, the leading registration and technology provider for U.S. endurance events, announces RaceJoy’s ten year milestone. RaceJoy is RunSignup’s interactive race day mobile app with more than 1.7 million users at more than 6,300 events during the last 10 years. RaceJoy provides value to participants, spectators, sponsors, and race organizers, and is used at races across the country and by spectators around the world. RaceJoy offers race participants greater race engagement with real-time tracking of participants’ position, spectator cheer sending, and continual progress alerts. The technology has advanced over the years to address more of the nuanced needs of varying event types such as remote trail courses, water events, relay events, virtual, and incremental challenge events. Moreover, the product is fully integrated with RunSignup’s registration platform for seamless customization and management by event organizers.

“When we joined forces with RaceJoy in 2015, we realized RaceJoy’s technology was a way for all events to offer a large event experience. After 10 years no other technology compares to RaceJoy’s innovation and capabilities. It is an easy way for events to up their race experience and they can choose to fully customize their event or use the default technology. Plus, there are more new capabilities to come that I know timers and events will appreciate, including RFID timing alert push notifications,” says Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup.

RaceJoy’s original founders, James and Shelly Harris, began RaceJoy in 2013 with the vision to help connect spectators with participants during race events to help participants feel supported and motivated by their friends and family, and to enable spectators to be able to plan where and when they should position themselves on the course. The first events to use RaceJoy were in April and May in 2013 where RaceJoy partnered with the timing company, RunningZone, in Melbourne, Florida and started the journey of real live course tracking combined with official timing data, scored results, and event content. RaceJoy joined the RunSignup team in 2015 and has since made continuous improvements and integration within its registration platform. In addition, James now leads all of our RaceDay and EventDay technology development, including RaceDay Scoring, RaceDay CheckIn, RunSignup Mobile Timing App, and the TicketSignup App.

Building on RaceJoy’s initial core functionality of GPS tracking of participants, continual progress alerts, and cheer sending, RunSignup’s development team has introduced a steady flow of RaceJoy innovation that have yet to be replicated by others in the industry. Key advancements include;

-Virtual event technology with participant results recordings and results

-Incremental Challenge events with auto submits of progress completed

-Native Google mapping technology

-Customized audio experience prompted at scheduled milestones

-Store and forward of data during poor cell zones

-Backend organizer monitoring

-Features like SOS alert, Route Redo for Virtual

-RunSignup registration integration with participant profiles

-Extensive relay team features and management

-Real-time bi-directional direct communication with individual or groups of participants including an SOS feature

-Triathlon and water sports configurations

-Lap event configurations

RaceJoy is available exclusively through RaceJoy Certified Timers who have undergone extensive training in the product. Currently, there are 611 timers across the US and Canada who are officially certified in RaceJoy. Events who wish to add RaceJoy to their event experience are encouraged to contact their timer to see if they are certified or search for a certified timer. Timers who wish to be certified are able to complete the on-demand course at no charge.

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