Tigertech, the leading software business for the endurance industry, announced that in collaboration with Run Local Ventures, they provided all participants in the 2024 San Jose Half & 8k with personal Digital Wallet based passes.


The Tigertech service, RunRedeem, creates a unique digital card for each participant where the front has the runner’s personal information, such as distance, bib number, name and selected t-shirt size. In the card details, the participants can find practical information about Packet Pick Up and links to other useful resources.

Simplifies Packet Pick Up

The use of Digital Cards will simplify the Packet Pick Up since the runners will have their information easily accessible in their mobile devices. In time, this will remove or decrease the need for on-site bib lookup computers. Plus, since the cards are updatable, tasks such as late bib number and corral changes will be reflected on the cards.

The passes are also geo-coded, which means that all participants with an iPhone will have access to their pass from their lock screen when they’re close to the Packet Pick Up location.

Automatic and in Real Time

Through an integration with Race Roster, the registration system for San Jose Half & 8k, all information needed for creating and distributing the information is available, and even after the initial push, late registrants get the same service as the integration keeps going. New participants will have their digital pass within minutes from registering.

Can be extended

The RunRedeem service also offers multiple ways for interacting with the card holder, making it possible for participants to redeem offers from sponsors using their cards. Not only does this make life easier for the participants, it also makes it possible to collect statistics about which participants redeemed which offers, letting you learn more about your customers, and this knowledge can then be shared with new or existing sponsors.

The card can carry information about complimentary or purchased beer tickets, post-race massage or VIP access, and can be connected to the holder’s favorite activity tracker, such as Garmin or COROS.

About Tigertech

Tigertech was founded in 2020 to provide customized IT solutions and expert digital transformation consulting services to event organizers, brands, and suppliers in the endurance space. Clients include Göteborgsvarvet Half Marathon, the largest half marathon in the world, Marathongruppen, organizers of Stockholm Marathon, Calgary Marathon, Maurten, New Balance, NN Running Team, Garmin, Polestar and TCS.

For more informationabout Tigertech or RunRedeem and what we can do for your race or brand, please contact Johan Tigér, founder and CEO.



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About Run Local Ventures

Founded in 2012, Run Local’s mission is to inspire movement in your community™. It has produced events in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout California, including the Oakland Marathon (March), San Jose Half & 8K presented by Kaiser Permanente (June) and the Santa Barbara Half presented by HOKA & 5K (November). Each of its events celebrate the local running community, artists and the unique diversity of each region. For more information, visit runlocalevents.com and also join us on social @runlocalevents.