May 30, 2024- We are thrilled to announce the launch of PWRher’d, the go-to online training program designed to make road racing more inclusive and supportive for all runners. Backed by the expertise of our Women of Color certified run coaches from the Game Changers program.

Who We Are

Our certified run coaches bring not only their extensive knowledge but also a deep sense of empathy to our online group training sessions. We offer inclusive attention, collective support, and a dynamic environment where every runner can thrive. Whether aiming for a personal best or simply enjoying the journey, our coaches are here to guide runners every step of the way.

Knowledgeable Training Experts

With years of combined lived and learned experience, our team understands the runner’s journey inside and out. Our comprehensive training programs cover everything from technical skills to personal testimonials, ensuring runners receive well-rounded guidance. We focus on reaching diverse communities and making running accessible to everyone.

Game-Changing Leaders

We are proud to represent Women of Color certified run coaches brought together through the nationwide Game Changers program. Our visibility and vibrancy in run coaching make us visionaries in the field. We foster a sense of unity and support among runners through group training, ensuring everyone feels seen and supported.

Our team of RRCA certified coaches include Coach Athena Farias, who brings over three decades of running and strength training experience, leads our virtual run clinics. Coach Alethia (Mekela) Mongerie, having completed 219 races, heads our training plans. Coach Tia Pettygrue, with over 300 races completed and having coached over 2,000 runners, manages our online platform. Coach Vanessa Peralta-Mitchell, founder of Game Changers, spearheads it all, ensuring a comprehensive and inclusive training experience.

How it Works: For Road Races

We partner with road races that prioritize diversity and inclusivity, enhancing the experience for all participants. Together, we co-promote the value our partnership brings to runners and walkers. Participants sign up through the race’s registration platform, and we provide online group training accessible to anyone, anywhere. Additionally, we contribute to the local community on behalf of our partnership.

The first race powered by PWRher’d is the Philadelphia Distance Run taking place on September 15, 2024. We are excited to collaborate with this iconic race to deliver a unique and supportive training experience for all participants.

Lauren Kobylarz of Students Run Philly Style, the charitable partner of Philadelphia Distance Run, shares, “We are honored to partner with PWRher’d to launch a customized training program for the Philadelphia Distance Run. In addition to offering a high-quality, customized coaching option to our participants, partnering with PWRher’d aligns with our social impact mission to build a future where distance running is increasingly diverse, accessible, and inclusive.”

How it Works: For Your Runners

Once registered, runners receive a tailored training plan specific to the race and their experience level. They gain access to our online training platform and custom virtual run clinics that resonate with race-goers. As a special bonus, all who train with PWRher’d will receive an additional medal.

Our Roots and Expansion

PWRher’d was born from the successful Game Changers program, founded by Vanessa Peralta-Mitchell and sponsored by Brooks Running. After years of empowering Women of Color in the running coaching industry through expertise, mentorship, and business strategy, we are now expanding to offer online training for road races nationwide. This expansion marks a significant step in our mission to create a more inclusive and supportive running community.

“Women of Color have been an untapped leadership & expert resource. It’s time we change that at the very place we can lead the way…road race starting lines. As road races are challenged with ways to provide inclusive experiences, we are giving them a clear solution to not only adequately support their race-goers well before race day but to also be at the forefront of working with game-changing experts that represent industry change,” Peralta-Mitchell said.

Join Us

PWRher’d is not just a training program; it’s a movement toward inclusivity and representation in road racing. We invite road races and runners to join us in creating a supportive and dynamic running community where everyone can thrive and together we can revolutionize road racing.

For more information about PWRher’d and partnership opportunities, please visit or contact Vanessa C. Peralta-Mitchell