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Runner Retention Survey


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Product Description

For the past three years, the running industry has seen the number of road race finishers decline, a trend being felt by races from coast to coast. While much discussion has focused on the flattening of the sport, it’s time for the industry to start finding answers in how to reverse the trend.

With responses from more than 5,000 runners across the United States, the Runner Retention Survey is an in-depth report providing the running industry a starting point to start gaining answers as to why runners are leaving the sport and start gaining answers as to how organizers can attract new runners to their events.

Key insights presented in the Runner Retention Survey, include:

  • Running event attitudes
  • Reasons runners select a running event
  • Reasons for racing less
  • Incentives to race
  • Experiences runners seek in running events
  • Race alternatives
  • Reasons for running
  • Road race participation numbers

Use the Runner Retention Survey to understand why runners are deciding not to race, where they are spending their time and money instead and how best to entice them back to your event.