Running USA to unveil important new research at the 2023 Running USA Industry Conference in Denver

DENVER (Dec. 22, 2022) – Running is facing a potential crisis due to Gen Z attitudes on fitness. The results of the research conducted by Running USA will be presented at the 2023 Running USA Industry Conference in Denver. The session will address this challenge directly.

With the support of USA Track & Field and World Athletics, Running USA commissioned a pivotal new study that will help events understand the thoughts and motivations of Gen Z and young Millennials, and use that information to effectively introduce and expose them to running events.

Conducted by Influence|SG, a leading social issue and movement market research and advisory firm, more than 3,500 Gen Z respondents were asked about motivation to participate in recreational sports and events, how they learn about events and why or why not they participate in events.

“Unlike Gen X and Boomers, who were interested in running to remain fit and healthy, Gen Z is different. For them, exercise isn’t about fitness, it’s about fun and purpose,” said Derrick Feldmann, Managing Director of INFLUENCE|SG. He will present the impact of that finding and other unexpected results of the survey in Denver.

Feldmann is the market research expert who led Running USA’s 2016 illuminative research on Millennial runners and retention rates. He’ll draw helpful correlations between Millennials and Gen Z that will inform your marketing, recruitment and event production strategy going forward.

You won’t want to miss this business critical session, or any of the other great speakers and sessions that will be shared over three days in Denver, Feb. 10-12.

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About the Industry Conference

Since its origins as a small gathering of Running USA’s founders in Southern California in 2004, the Running USA Industry Conference presented by Race Roster has grown to becoming the best-attended, most esteemed gathering of running industry professionals from around the USA and the world. Now moving locations each year, the conference has been held in Los Angeles, San Diego, Savannah, Houston, San Antonio, Orlando, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas and heads to Denver for the 2023 event.