ORLANDO (Dec. 26, 2023) – MarathonFoto, the premier name in race photography, is excited to announce a special activation at the upcoming Running USA Conference presented by haku, set for Orlando Jan. 31-Feb. 2. In a unique collaboration, MarathonFoto will be offering all conference participants the opportunity to receive a complimentary professional headshot and, for the first 120 attendees to the MarathonFoto Booth, an exclusive signed copy of Tina Muir’s acclaimed book, “Becoming a Sustainable Runner.”

Key Highlights:

Professional Headshots for All: MarathonFoto is delighted to provide all Running USA Conference participants with the chance to receive a complimentary, high-quality professional headshot. This service is designed to empower attendees with a polished and professional image.

Exclusive Book Signing with Tina Muir: The first 120 individuals to visit the MarathonFoto activation will have the exclusive opportunity to receive a signed copy of Tina Muir’s inspirational book, “Becoming a Sustainable Runner.” Tina Muir, a renowned figure in the running community, will be present to personally sign copies and engage with attendees.

Jay Holder, CEO of Running USA, comments on the MarathonFoto activation at the Running USA Conference: “MarathonFoto’s thoughtful, initiative offering of professional headshots and Tina Muir’s book signing adds tremendous value to the conference experience. This activation reflects a commitment to enhancing the well-rounded engagement of our participants, creating a memorable and enriching environment for all. It’s a testament to MarathonFoto’s dedication to the running community and aligns seamlessly with the ethos of the Running USA Conference.’”

Brad Kroll, President at MarathonFoto, expresses excitement about this activation, stating, “We believe in capturing not just moments on the course but also empowering industry professionals with high-quality headshots. The addition of Tina Muir’s book, coupled with her exclusive signing, adds a unique and inspiring dimension to our offering. We’re proud to contribute to the Running USA Conference in this meaningful way.’”

Tina Muir, renowned runner and advocate for sustainable running, shares her enthusiasm for the MarathonFoto activation at the Running USA Conference: “I am thrilled to be a part of this initiative that goes beyond capturing moments at a race. Providing participants with a signed copy of my book, ‘Becoming a Sustainable Runner,’ aligns perfectly with our shared commitment to empowering and inspiring every runner on their unique journey.”

About MarathonFoto

MarathonFoto, for more than 45 years, has had a mission that goes beyond capturing mere images. Dedicated to inspiring and celebrating athletes, MarathonFoto transforms moments into memories. As pioneers in their field, their lens doesn’t just freeze the action; it encapsulates the spirit, determination, and triumph of every participant. Through their artistry, MarathonFoto ensures that each athlete’s journey is not just documented but celebrated, creating a visual testament to the passion and perseverance that define the world of sports and mass participation events. MarathonFoto is a division of InFront Sports & Media AG.

About Tina Muir

Tina Muir is an elite runner, author, and host of the popular podcast, Running for Real. Her book, “Becoming a Sustainable Runner,” offers valuable insights into creating a healthy and balanced approach to running.

About the Industry Conference

Since its origins as a small gathering of Running USA’s founders in Southern California in 2004, the Running USA Industry Conference presented by Race Roster has grown to becoming the best-attended, most esteemed gathering of running industry professionals from around the USA and the world. Now moving locations each year, the conference has been held in Los Angeles, San Diego, Savannah, Houston, San Antonio, Denver, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas and returns to Orlando for the 2024 event.

About Running USA

Running USA is a non-profit organization committed to the growth and success of the running industry. Our promise is to deliver quality education, exceptional industry content, valuable research and ample networking opportunities. We connect. We support. We educate. Running USA brings together an entire community. As the voice of endurance running, we’re all about connection and collaboration. Whether we’re connecting race organizers with sponsors, partners and athletes, or connecting our members with vital information and best practices, our goal is to raise the profile of running and help more people get more out of it. For more information, visit runningusa.org.