Mundelein, Illinois (January 13, 2022) Endurance Marketing Inc., announces that Chief Event Officer and Founder Beth Salinger has become a StoryBrand Certified Guide.  This Marketing framework allows organizations to clarify their messaging using a seven-part process that leverages the power of story.  With help From Beth Salinger and Endurance Marketing, this powerful tool can help businesses become a valuable asset in the lives of your customers.

“Messaging matters, more than ever”, stated Beth Salinger Chief Event Officer of Endurance Marketing.  “Most events are wasting time and money in “pretty” looking websites and social posts, but confusing messaging that doesn’t interest their target audience.  As a result, they are wasting money on marketing that doesn’t work.  The StoryBrand framework helps events clarify their messaging resulting in more participants and revenue.”

“Harnessing the power of story is the secret to success in business communication and choosing the right words for your marketing can be so much more important than how much money you spend,” says Endurance Marketing Chief Event Officer, Beth Salinger, who became a StoryBrand Certified Guide in 2021.  “More recently, as we watched our clients struggle with the new reality of doing business during the COVID-19 crisis, I saw getting StoryBrand certification as an opportunity to help them with their messaging and started training immediately.”

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