Company: BibRave

Contact: Jessica Murphy

Position: Account Planner (PT, with potential to build to FT)

Location: Flexible

Job Overview

We’re looking for an Account Planner to join our team and help manage and grow select BibRave client partnerships. BibRave works with large and small brands (shoe companies, nutrition companies, etc.), running/endurance endemic and non-endemic, so there’s a lot of opportunity to work with some really exciting and inspiring companies.

We’re a team of passionate professionals looking for a creative team player who’s highly driven and very organized,. We need relentless problem solvers who are motivated by finding solutions, rather than stymied by challenges. We’re a close-knit team and simply can’t accommodate drama or lone-wolf operators, so being a team player is an absolute must.. We all work across a multitude of projects and always have each other’s backs, even if that means picking up tasks or helping out beyond your job description. Teamwork is everything at BibRave, and competitive applicants will be clearly established and proven team players.

Strong applicants will have a robust background in client management, social media or experiential marketing,,and proven success executing client programs. Understanding both client/account management and operations is extremely important.

Must be a proven leader and self-starter. Intimate knowledge of the running/racing/multisport landscape is plus, as is the ability to take initiative in proposing new ideas and seeing them through to fruition.

Last, but not least, competitive applicants will be smart. “Smart” can mean a lot of things, but mainly we mean that you’ll exercise sound judgement, approach and solve problems thoughtfully and analytically, be able to “read your audience” and adjust written and spoken communications accordingly.


Key Responsibilities

● Manage multiple clients, projects, campaigns, and timelines at once, with an ability to prioritize based on broader business needs and objectives.

● Work closely with the VP of Strategic Accounts and Director of Brand Partnerships to over-deliver on BibRave’s growing relationship with the Brooks Influencer Team – helping to deliver strategic recommendations, execute tactical plans, and provide reporting on projects

● Manage and/or assist in executing other BibRave Brand partner projects, including but not limited to timeline creation, managing deadlines, executing vendor research and outreach, working with other cross-functional agencies, and more

● Manage projects and campaigns that involve complex client expectations and detailed reporting requirements

● Utilize social listening/monitoring tools to generate insights and summarize findings to create client-facing deliverables


● Extremely high level of social intelligence – knowing how to communicate to a wide variety of different personalities with different wants, motivations, and priorities. This social intelligence will allow you to navigate nurture client relationships as well as relationships with other members of Team BibRave

● Wide variety of social media expertise. This includes fluency across multiple networks, understanding each platforms’ functionality, voice, purpose, etc.

● Clear, concise, effective communication skills. This includes email, Slack, social, text, Zoom, phone calls, speaking, and listening, all of which must carry the proper tone, timing, and word choice to communicate information clearly and effectively. Creative writing must demonstrate personality and savvy while maintaining correct intent, accurate grammar

● Organization, accountability, and attention to detail (again, not just saying this). All BibRave team members coordinate multiple projects involving hundreds of ambassadors, products, and several clients simultaneously – all while adhering to very strict timelines. We’re talking air traffic control-level shit here 😄.

● Ability to lead and take initiative – identifying problems (or opportunities), creating solutions/plans, sharing and presenting said plan to a team, task and/or project delegation to team members, overcoming obstacles, and executing to completion

● Self-motivated – can set and meet deadlines, prioritize tasks, and work with minimal direction. Ability to communicate proactively throughout the organization and community

● Experience utilizing Google Suite, Slack, Keynote is a bonus, and will be considered when choosing best applicant


● 2-5 years of experience either marketing, managing social media platforms for companies or brands, building and overseeing ambassador/influencer groups, or as a producer/project manager/administrative assistant

● Passionate about endurance sports, new social trends, and growing a business

● The ability to handle stressful situations and challenging personalities with equanimity

● Did you read and thoroughly understand that last point? Sorry to ask, but very few people have this ability, and we’ll want to hear details.

● Ability to travel and work flexible hours as needed, occasionally working long days/nights, attending industry conferences, etc.


● Flexibility of hours, location, and the freedom to work from home and/or remotely

● Experience in an exciting growing industry (running/endurance) and a highly sought-after skill set (social media/digital strategy and community building/influencer marketing)

● Highly engaged professional development from BibRave leadership

● Occasional access to free running gear and race entries

● BibRave swag!

● A super fun team that loves food, tech, ice cream, coffee, beer, and of course running! =)

● Professional development. BibRave is highly invested in developing professional skills for all employees. We’ll help you identify goals, create an action plan, and provide the tools for reaching those goals

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About BibRave

BibRave is a marketing agency that specializes in fitness and endurance sports. With almost 10 years’ experience building and managing ambassador communities for large and small companies, BibRave is a team of social media, creative, and online community-focused experts.

The company also develops creative event and in-person activations, managing ideation, project management, procurement, execution, and inter-agency coordination as needed. Lastly, BibRave has its own large network of social media influencers called the BibRave Ambassadors, which it leverages to drive more race registrations and product sales for the company’s event and brand partners.