Brooks Running Empowers Game Changers Coaches to Impact Over 500 Individuals Across 13 States

May 6, 2024 – In a groundbreaking initiative to enhance the running experience for a wide range of communities, Brooks Running, a leading shoe company, has generously provided 526 pairs of Brooks shoes to 22 Game Changers coaches. These coaches, with expertise spanning 13 states including Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Virginia, distributed the footwear across their respective communities, impacting 526 individuals.

The Game Changers, a collective of certified run coaches committed to transforming the leadership of the running community, is at the forefront of this impactful initiative. The distribution of Brooks shoes aims to provide not only quality footwear but also a source of confidence and support for runners in diverse backgrounds.

Nura Goodson, Executive Director of Muslimahs Endure and a Game Changers Mentor from Atlanta, Georgia, expressed the significance of this generous giveaway, stating, “Muslimahs Endure is all about empowering women and their families, particularly Muslim women. Receiving free shoes from Brooks has not only provided our community with quality footwear but has provided a source of confidence and will aid in our overall journey of well-being. This generous giveaway is particularly significant, as many of our members are in the process of learning about proper footwear for running and walking. In a world where Muslim women are often underrepresented and overlooked in the running community, this initiative serves as a powerful step forward, ensuring our members not only have access to the right gear but also feel seen and valued in the pursuit of a healthier and more empowered lifestyle.”

Alaina Fuld, Senior Manager for Communications & Community Impact at Brooks, highlighted the company’s commitment to supporting initiatives like Game Changers, stating, “Brooks is proud to support organizations like Game Changers that create a powerful ripple effect– an investment in Game Changers supports coaches, who then benefit runners in their communities. Providing footwear helps make sure all those runners have not just inspiring and empowering coaches, but also performance shoes, to support them on the run.”

Vanessa Peralta-Mitchell, founder of VCPM Inc.’s Game Changers, shared that the previous year Brooks had donated 200 shoes, so 526 pairs is testament to their growing reach. She shared, “What’s special is that these coaches are already tapped into the needs of their local running communities. It’s incredible to see Brooks supporting the Game Changers coaches & their communities in this way.”

The impact of this collaboration between Brooks Running and Game Changers extends far beyond the distribution of shoes, reinforcing the commitment to diversity, empowerment, and inclusivity within the running community. This initiative is a testament to the transformative power of partnerships that prioritize the well-being and support of runners of all backgrounds.

About Game Changers:

Game Changers is a pioneering program by Vanessa C. Peralta-Mitchell Inc. (VCPM Inc.) with support from Brooks Running. Game Changers is dedicated to empowering Women of Color in the running coaching industry. By fostering a community of expertise, mentorship, and business strategy, Game Changers aims to create a more inclusive and representative coaching landscape. The program equips Women of Color with the tools, knowledge, and confidence to transform from runners to certified run coaches, reshaping the industry for the better.

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