MIAMI, Florida, November 2, 2021 – haku, the all-in-one technology ecosystem that powers endurance event organizations, is pleased to announce their partnership with Level Access to improve usability of their digital touchpoints, which includes registration, e-commerce, and fundraising experiences, for people with disabilities.

Level Access empowers organizations of all sizes to create accessible and inclusive digital experiences—enabling technologies like websites, mobile apps, and software platforms to offer barrier-free access to people with disabilities.

“Our partnership with Level Access presents an important opportunity to make engagement with and participation in your community events frictionless for everyone, including people with disabilities. The enhancements to our ecosystem further emphasize our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our industry,” said Carlos Escobar, Founder and CEO of haku.

By improving its accessibility, as part of its diversity and inclusion efforts, haku will expand their reach to a new and diverse audience, while eliminating obstacles for an incredible number of current and potential customers.

Level Access’ diverse team of engineers, programmers, and consultants—many with disabilities themselves—offers a real edge in identifying the usability needs impacting how people with disabilities use technologies.

“We are proud to partner with haku to provide a first-person perspective on how all users engage with their platform to participate in activities throughout their communities. People with disabilities often struggle with social isolation, so fostering more opportunities for them to connect with others is important,” said Tim Springer, CEO & Founder of Level Access.

“With Level Access’s insight and expertise, we’ve realized accessibility is an ongoing effort, not a one-time project. Engaging with this experienced organization for a long-term partnership gives us confidence that we’ll be able to affirm our commitment to accessibility for years to come,” said Escobar.

As part of the ongoing partnership, haku and the Level Access team are actively auditing and testing the haku platform with the goal to improve accessibility as a whole across the platform throughout the time of the partnership. Level Access is pleased to support haku in their ongoing pursuit of better diversity, equity, and inclusion as champions for accessibility in the endurance sports industry.


About haku

haku is an unparalleled technology partner that forward-thinking organizations are working with to create the most powerful events and surpass their goals. Through a robust all-in-one platform, world-class organizations can better plan and promote events, track progress, engage their participants, and move their events and businesses forward – all with haku’s state-of-the-art technology ecosystem and unmatched partnership. haku is trusted by organizations such as the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, Team In Training (LLS), Marine Corps Marathon Organization, J&A Racing, Houston Marathon, Atlanta Track Club, Philadelphia Eagles, Mercedes Benz Corporate Run, and many more.


About Level Access

Level Access has supported the accessibility initiatives of more than 2000 organizations from Fortune 500 enterprises to public sector and government agencies, educational institutions, and private sector businesses of all sizes. Our industry-leading software, consulting, and training solutions provide the full 360-degree coverage needed to ensure accessible and compliant websites, mobile apps, software, and other technology, while protecting against legal risk. To learn more about Level Access, visit