The world’s oldest triathlon series opens registration for triathletes of all levels

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The LA Tri-Series is returning for its 42nd consecutive event, continuing its streak as the oldest triathlon series in the world. The 2024 edition will be kicking off with the LA Tri-Series #1, which takes place on April 7. Registration for all three events is now open.

The LA Tri-Series has taken place in Bonelli Park since its inaugural event. This location provides new triathletes an opportunity to participate in an open-water swim in a safe environment, to cycle on a safe route with little traffic and to run a well-supported, scenic course. For those with more background in the sport, the course’s elements can adapt to the specific goals of participants at all experience levels. 

With the unique environment and decades of hosting triathletes, the LA Tri-Series has been the birthplace of major triathletes, as well as new passions for many of the participants who experience their first triathlon event here.

“The LA Tri-Series is a historic series that provides a beautiful course for all experience levels to enjoy throughout triathlon season,” said Mike Bone, President and CEO of Spectrum Sports Management, which produces the LA Tri-Series. “Being able to help put on this event means a lot to our team and to the sport, especially with it being the event where so many triathlon stars started their journeys!”

The LA Tri-Series #2 will be taking place on Oct. 6, followed by the LA Tri-Series #3 Turkey Tri on Nov. 24. The LA Tr-Series is offering a special discount to athletes interested in participating in all three events. At registration, participants can choose to register with the Tri-Bundle, which provides a 20% discount for signing up for the full series.

For more information about the LA Tri-Series, visit and follow the event on Facebook and Instagram.


Since it was started in 1983 the LA Tri-Series has been hosted in Bonelli Park, the ideal spot for both beginner and advanced triathletes. The LA Tri-Series has been managed by Spectrum Sports since 2022. A recognized leader in endurance and sporting events in Southern California, Spectrum Sports Management & Timing Services creates a wide range of events and has over 50 years of collective industry experience. Spectrum Sports Management emphasizes delivering a premiere, professional and world-class service to their clients, their participants and the communities in which they work. To learn more, visit