With Lunar New Year having just been celebrated on Saturday, February 10th this year, a majority of Chinese factories have shut down to celebrate with the rest of their country.  This production slow down may affect many in the promotional products and endurance events industries, but Ashworth Awards is seeing the opposite of a slow down.

Thanks to our domestic factories, located in North Attleboro, MA, production isn’t slowing down.  We are busy producing orders with our Dimensional Steel process to ensure our customers receive quality, sustainable products for their events despite overseas shut downs.  In China, production came to a slow at the end of January and proceeded to a complete halt in the beginning of February.  Operation will not return to normal until roughly mid-March. On top of this, Lunar New Year sees the highest number of employee turnover rates, as many workers choose not to return to their employers, leading to longer production/shipping times and lower quality products in the months to follow. These factors could seriously impact your award and recognition product needs as you plan for upcoming events.

At Ashworth Awards, however, commitment to a sustainable, Made in USA product line allows us to deliver high quality, environmentally friendly awards to our valued customers in a timely manner.  Production begins and finishes here in our facilities in Massachusetts, eliminating the need for overseas air/boat transport, and helps reduce lead times significantly. Our typical lead time is 6 weeks, but we have built our facility to support necessary rush work.  The volume of rush jobs we can complete at once will depend on the production schedule at the time of order.

Don’t let the Lunar New Year affect your event this year. Let us know your needs so we can best help you while making a positive impact on the environment. Visit our website to view an array of products to suit your event needs, or reach out to us at info@ashworthawards.com with any questions.


About Ashworth Awards

For over 55 years Ashworth Awards has been helping race directors, event coordinators, coaches, industry leaders and many others with their recognition products and awards. By providing the highest quality manufacturing and materials, unbeatable pricing, custom designs, and industry leading customer service we have created a seamless experience; assisting you in recognizing your event participants as well as acquiring the proper recognition and exposure you and your event deserve.