(Logan, UT) – January 11, 2022 – Today, NordicTrack from iFIT, a leader in connected fitness innovation, unveiled its latest, patent-pending product: the NordicTrack iSelect™ Adjustable Dumbbells—the first voice-controlled dumbbells to work with Alexa.

While traditional adjustable dumbbells offer the benefit of multiple weights, they come at the cost of valuable time wasted adjusting weights between exercises, potentially disrupting the flow of a workout and the user’s focus. In contrast, the NordicTrack iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells are electronically adjusted from 5 to 50 pounds in seconds with a simple voice command to a compatible Alexa-enabled device, making for a seamless workout experience. The Alexa integration allows a motorized weight selector to respond to your vocal prompts and provide rapid, automatic adjustment.

“We are thrilled to offer the first ever voice-controlled dumbbells that work with Alexa,” said Mark Watterson, Chief Experience Officer for iFIT. “Our patent-pending electronic adjustment eliminates the pain points of cumbersome mid-workout weight change found on other adjustable dumbbells, like decreased heart rate and reduced time under tension, creating a truly uninterrupted and transformative experience.”

The dumbbells can also be adjusted mechanically, triggering a weight adjustment with a simple turn of a knob. The speedy weight change allows for fluid transitions from movement to movement, improving the strength training experience for those who have limited workout time and space. 

The NordicTrack iSelect™ Adjustable Dumbbells come with a one-month iFIT membership, providing access to a library of thousands of workouts led by premier iFIT trainers. Members simply follow along with the iFIT trainer’s cues and use voice commands to adjust the dumbbells’ weight using their Alexa-enabled device.

Alexa supports three skills for the NordicTrack iSelect™ dumbbells:

     Setting weight to a specific amount: e.g. “Alexa, set weights to 35 pounds”

     Increasing or decreasing weight: e.g. “Alexa, decrease weight by 10 pounds”

     Setting weight presets for specific exercises: “Alexa, set weight for biceps curls

The iSelect dumbbells can save and automatically adjust to a user’s preset for 15 different classic dumbbell exercises. The list includes: biceps curl, overhead shoulder press, lateral shoulder raise, front shoulder raise, triceps extension, bent over row, chest press, squat, deadlift, lunge, lateral lunge, wood chop, chest fly, reverse fly and renegade row.

The NordicTrack iSelect dumbbells can be used with a wide range of dumbbell and strength training workouts streamed from the iFIT platform. With iFIT’s recent acquisition of the SWEAT training platform, iFIT offers a new and exclusive strength workout series from SWEAT founder Kayla Itsines and popular trainer Kelsey Wells. Additional strength series for dumbbells are available from iFIT trainers like Casey Gilbert, John Peel, Gideon Akande, and more. In addition, users of NordicTrack’s iSelect Adjustable Dumbbells can also watch exercise demo videos during workouts by simply tapping an exercise’s name in the accompanying app.

NordicTrack iSelect™ Adjustable Dumbbell Specs

iFIT and Alexa Integration:

     Works with Alexa-enabled devices to change weight using voice control

     iFIT 30-day family membership included (iFIT auto-renews at $39 per month plus tax)

     Note: an iFIT subscription is not required to use the NordicTrack iSelect dumbbells

     Upgradeable firmware to support future features and iFIT integrations

     A 2.4 GHz network connection is required



     Weight range of 5-50 lbs per dumbbell, in 5 lb increments, for a total of 100 lbs, replacing the equivalent of 20 dumbbells

     Patent-pending dumbbell interlock system

     Knurled handles for improved grip

     Square weight design for stability during floor-based exercises

     Digital weight display screen

     Custom fitted weight tray that organizes weight plates for compact storage
(21” long x 19” wide x16” tall)

     Integrated tablet holder to easily follow along with your iFIT workouts

The NordicTrack iSelect™ Adjustable Dumbbells are available for purchase now, retailing at $429, in Amazon’s store at https://www.amazon.com/nordictrack

To use voice control to adjust the weights, customers need a compatible Alexa-enabled device, which must be purchased separately.

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