January 31, 2023 – Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup, the leading registration and technology solution for US endurance events, announces its 2023 technology product roadmap. RunSignup technology development plans focus on supporting the needs of its customer base of 28,000 events, including running, walking, triathlon, cycling, water and other endurance events across the United States. Key initiatives include a focus around its free Email version 2.0 system, a new club and membership solution, lower cost participant insurance, simplified payment options, along with a host of additional features and infrastructure improvements. The company will also introduce a steady flow of advancements for its RaceDay Suite of products, including RaceDay Scoring, RaceJoy, RaceDay CheckIn app, and Mobile Timing app. In addition, RunSignup’s ticketing product, TicketSignup, has announced its technology plans for 2023 that mirrors many of RunSignup’s intentions for the endurance space along with several advancements specific to the ticketing industry.

“We are in an ideal position where we can use technology not just to support our own core business, but to develop solutions that truly empower our customers to be successful. Our focus in 2023 is to build on key products that will help our customers increase revenue and donations and apply an intelligent approach to marketing and communications. The features we will launch will empower event organizers with greater efficiency and give them access to free tools and software to support their event needs. I’m really looking forward to all the impressive things to come from our company this year,” says Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup and TicketSignup.

RunSignup will introduce significant innovation for its free email solution to help events easily implement intelligent marketing and communications. Several advancements will be rolled out this year to further expand the current Email V2.0 such as optional pre-built emails with pre-filled templates and graphics, “customer journey” scheduled emails for automated multi-step interaction with targeted lists, and enhanced contact list management with deduplication and advanced filtering capabilities. RunSignup will also launch a free image gallery of graphics events can use with emails or with RunSignup’s free website builder. The company will sunset its email V1.0 system to fully transition to its recently launched V2.0 release.

RunSignup will expand integration capabilities with support for Zapier, Apple Pay, and Google Pay this year. The integration with Zapier is being performed in partnership with SideKick Solutions, and custom integration opportunities will be available for events. By integrating with Apple Pay and Google Pay, events can offer quick payment options for registration and store purchases.

Additionally, RunSignup will launch low cost participant insurance, and an improved invoicing system and ACH payment option. The company will also introduce a next generation registration and technology for Club and Memberships.

RunSignup’s RaceDay division plans to launch many improvements for its suite of products in 2023, including RaceDay Scoring solution, RaceJoy, RaceDay CheckIn, and Mobile Timing app. Some notable planned advancements include a new UX for RaceJoy, additional integration between RaceJoy and RaceDay Scoring, medical tent check-in and-out, the maintenance transition of Race Director, and RaceDay Scoring support for double dual cross country meets.

RunSignup’s ticketing company, TicketSignup, will introduce several technology advancements to support its growth in the ticketing business. Similar to RunSignup, TicketSignup will roll out pre-built emails, customer journey email scheduler, image gallery capabilities, and Apple Pay and Google Pay payment options. TicketSignup’s product roadmap also includes fully supporting multi-day, timed ticket events, a next generation website builder with expanded ticket analytics to help events optimize marketing communications and ad spend to increase ticket sales, expanded self-serve options, and increased reporting functionality. The company will continue to add features to the popular Ticket App to offer events efficient on-site ticket sales, participant check-ins, and store fulfillment.

To hear a more in-depth overview of the RunSignup 2023 product roadmap, tune into the recently hosted a webinar. 

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