Increased Synchronized Changes, Simplified PreSets, and Intelligent Check-Ins

May 13, 2022 – Moorestown, NJ – RunSignup, the leading registration provider for U.S. endurance events, announces its latest release of the RaceDay CheckIn App for greater race day efficiencies. Available for Android and iOS devices. The new release of the free RaceDay Check-In app is one of the most valued technology products used by races across the country with an expected two million check-ins this year as races return to pre-pandemic activity levels. RunSignup’s RaceDay CheckIn App’s latest version offers advantages from tighter integration with registration data, improved setup configurations options, fundraising and donation status, related team check-ins, and new intelligent check-in features. RunSignup’s RaceDay CheckIn app is designed for race organizers and volunteers to deliver an efficient race day check-in experience and overcome challenges associated with participant congestion and disparate data.

“Our races and timers using the RaceDay CheckIn app tell us that it is making an incredible difference in the way they manage packet pickup and volunteers. What was once a race day challenge is now handled with ease. We are continuing to invest in RaceDay technology such as this to provide value beyond registration that helps to transform the race experience. This version is chocked full of improvements and we are excited to roll it out,” said Bob Bickel, Founder and CEO of RunSignup.

RunSignup’s RaceDay CheckIn app’s newest release offers increased registration integration advantages. This release now supports the ability to modify bib numbers and chip numbers within the RaceDay Checkin App that are then applied across all data systems, including registration data, RaceDay Scoring, The Race Director and RunSignup’s bib management system. Plus, registrant custom questions are now able to be answered or modified within the app.

The newest version of RaceDay CheckIn App also simplifies the initial setup and frontend usage of the app –  making it easier to use by race volunteers. The app offers user-friendly preset options that control check-in displays and edit capabilities along with controlling the steps of the check-in process. Event organizers or timers can then apply these preset configurations across the different events of the race.

In addition, race organizers are able to implement greater efficiencies by taking advantage of expanded access to information, simple bib look up function, intelligent check-in features, and new QR and Barcode scanning capabilities. The app offers expanded views into important information like fundraising and donations status and the related registrations showing all participants that are related in registration based on the same transaction, team or fundraiser team. This then enables volunteers to quickly proceed with checking in related participants. Volunteers are able to scan individual participants’ and groups/teams registration bar code to expedite the check-in process. Race organizers can also now opt to use the RaceDay CheckIn app for simple bib look ups to help with packet pickup.

RaceDay Check-In is deployed through the app store and is available on Android or Apple tablets and phones. Race organizers are able to continue to use RaceDay Check-In when spotty cell conditions exist and the data automatically loads and syncs when cell service connection is re-established.

RunSignup is hosting a live webinar on the new release of the RaceDay CheckIn App on May 17 to provide an overview and product demo of the latest improvements.  RunSignup offers many free RaceDay and marketing tools like the RaceDay CheckIn app, such as a photo platform, results, an email solution, and custom websites for events using its registration platform.

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