RunSignup, the leading technology solution for US endurance events, reports strong company growth in 2022 and encouraging signs the overall endurance market is strengthening. Compared to 2019 – the pre-pandemic baseline – the number of registrations on the RunSignup platform grew 20% while the total transaction dollars increased 47%.

RunSignup’s growth comes as the endurance market continues to experience a decline from their 2019 participation levels. On average the endurance events with more than 500 participants are seeing a 15% decrease in race participation in 2022 compared to 2019, with larger races appearing to be hit the hardest by rising costs and travel limitations. RunSignup’s strong growth in 2022  indicates an increase in total market share and new emerging races.

RunSignup Founder and CEO Bob Bickel commented; “While re-growth in the endurance industry has been slow, we continue to see gradual improvement. As a company, we are focused on helping races to return to their previous participation levels and increasing market share by providing the best technology at a lower price.”

RunSignup attributes much of its increase in market share to its focus on the customer, by creating technology that supports event organizers and timers to produce successful race experiences. RunSignup launched several product advancements in 2022 with its free web builder and email platform and its RaceDay suite of tools, including RaceDay CheckIn, RaceDay Scoring, and RaceJoy.

In addition to the endurance market, RunSignup’s ticketing solution, TicketSignup, and peer-to-peer fundraising platform, GiveSignup, boosted RunSignup’s overall numbers and contributed to its 47% increase in transactions. TicketSignup sold more than 422,000 tickets since entering the ticket market in early 2022. Tickets made up 3% of the company’s transactions in 2022 and is expected to continue to grow to 6% in 2022 with a focus on key markets, agritourism, festivals, and other multi-day timed entry events. GiveSignup donations grew from $22 Million in 2019 to $50 Million in 2022..

While RunSignup is a product-driven company, superior customer service continued to be a key emphasis in 2022 with 60% of RunSignup employees focused on helping customers. In 2022, the RunSignup Online Support team resolved 22,210 issues with an average response time of 1 hour and 39 minutes, while the Account Management made 25,601 calls and emails to  handle more complex issues. Along with support from the Sales Team and an array of educational videos and webinars, the emphasis on customer service will support ongoing growth in 2023.

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