ORLANDO – MarathonFoto, the industry leader in race photography, is excited to announce its participation in the upcoming Running USA Industry Conference Morning Run. As the official photography partner for the event, MarathonFoto will be on-site to capture vibrant moments of runners and share valuable data from the photos throughout the duration of the 20th anniversary conference.

The Running USA Industry Conference presented by haku takes place at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort Jan. 31 to Feb. 2, 2024 and brings together running industry professionals, enthusiasts and influencers. Morning runs around the scenic resort lagoon are always a highlight of the annual event and will take place early each morning on Feb. 1 and 2.

MarathonFoto is proud to enhance the overall experience by providing personalized, data-enriched images from the daily runs that go beyond traditional race photography.


Action Photos: MarathonFoto photographers will be strategically positioned along the Morning Run route to capture the energy and enthusiasm of you as you run with your industry friends.

Data-Enriched Photos: In addition to high-quality images, MarathonFoto will utilize cutting-edge technology to extract valuable shoe brand data from the photos, offering insights into participant preferences by demographics.

Interactive Sharing: Attendees will have the opportunity to access and share their photos directly from the MarathonFoto platform.

“MarathonFoto is a key partner for any run or race organizer who wants to provide the complete participant experience,” said Jay Holder, Executive Director of Running USA. “What many organizers might not know is that MarathonFoto also provides valuable data and insights that can help shape events to match the needs and spirit of their communities. We are excited to help share that data and utilize it to strengthen Running USA’s commitment to fostering connectivity and inclusivity within the running industry.”

Brad Kroll, President of MarathonFoto, expresses enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to be a part of the Running USA Industry Conference Morning Run and to leverage our expertise in race photography to enhance the overall experience for participants. By capturing and sharing not only images but also valuable data, we aim to contribute to the collaborative and inclusive spirit of the running community.”

About MarathonFoto

MarathonFoto, for more than 45 years, has had a mission that goes beyond capturing mere images. Dedicated to inspiring and celebrating athletes, MarathonFoto transforms moments into memories. As pioneers in their field, their lens doesn’t just freeze the action; it encapsulates the spirit, determination, and triumph of every participant. Through their artistry, MarathonFoto ensures that each athlete’s journey is not just documented but celebrated, creating a visual testament to the passion and perseverance that define the world of sports and mass participation events.

About the Running USA Industry Conference

Since its origins as a small gathering of Running USA’s founders in Southern California in 2004, the Running USA Industry Conference presented by Race Roster has grown to becoming the best-attended, most esteemed gathering of running industry professionals from around the USA and the world. Now moving locations each year, the conference has been held in Los Angeles, San Diego, Savannah, Houston, San Antonio, Denver, New Orleans, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas and returns to Orlando for the 2024 event.