[Gainesville, FL March 20th, 2024] – Fitz Koehler, renowned for her vibrant presence and happy noise in the racing world, is set to dazzle audiences in a different arena as she participates in a special edition of Dancing with the Stars. The event, organized as a Dance Alive National Ballet fundraiser, will take place on March 30 at 7 PM EST.

Fitz’s infectious energy and dynamic persona have captivated audiences nationwide at events like the Big Sur International Marathon, Buffalo Marathon, Fargo Marathon, Publix Gasparilla Distance Classic, and more. Now, she is ready to showcase her dancing skills for a noble cause. Stepping out of her comfort zone, Fitz is eager to take on the challenge of the dance floor, all in support of Dance Alive National Ballet’s mission to promote and preserve the art of ballet and promote health and fitness to people of all ages.

The event promises to be an evening of entertainment, elegance, and philanthropy, with Koehler and other notable personalities hitting the dance floor to raise funds. Audiences can expect to witness Fitz’s trademark enthusiasm and charisma as she struts her stuff.

In addition to her dazzling dance performance, Fitz Koehler hopes to represent the running community well and is rallying support from her colleagues and fans. She urges them to show their support by donating at this link, even if it’s just $10, to help her clinch the People’s Choice Award. Every contribution will make a difference in supporting the Dance Alive National Ballet’s initiatives.

For those unable to attend the event in person, Fitz Koehler invites them to join the excitement via livestream at champagnegala.org. Supporters from around the globe can tune in to witness Fitz and her professional dance partner Tucker Gokey’s moves and contribute to this meaningful cause from the comfort of their homes. The show begins at 7 PM EST, but Fitz is scheduled to perform shortly after 8:30 PM EST.

Fitz expresses her gratitude to everyone who has supported her in this endeavor and encourages everyone to unite to make a positive impact through the power of dance, fitness, and philanthropy. A donation link can also be found on the front page of Fitzness.com

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Noisy. Bossy. Compelling. Fitz Koehler of  Fitzness.com is the author of multiple books, including My Noisy  Cancer Comeback, Your Healthy Cancer Comeback: Sick to  Strong, and the Healthy Cancer Comeback Journal. She’s one of America’s most exciting keynote speakers, a premier race announcer, a fitness innovator, and a bonafide cancer crusher. Her company, Fitzness International, has a global reach, as Fitz is a regular on television, radio, and stages worldwide.