HOPKINTON, MASSACHUSETTS, September 28, 2021— HCAM-TV, the Hopkinton Freedom Team, local filmmakers, the 26.2 Foundation, and residents and friends of Hopkinton have come together to send a message of love and support to Boston Marathon runners and their supporters around the world welcoming them back to our town, renowned as the starting line of the oldest and one of the most famous marathons in the world.  Hopkinton is common ground for people from all over the globe who run the Boston Marathon and congregate for the start of the race.


Because the Boston Marathon was canceled last year due to the pandemic, becoming a virtual event, and this year postponed until October 11th, Hopkinton has not been able to host runners and their supporters from around the globe. In anticipation of their return, local filmmakers have produced a short film welcoming them back to Hopkinton and sending a positive message to those connected with the Boston Marathon, running and beyond. 


“The diversity and growth in Hopkinton has been tremendous, and my hope as it continues is that we as a community can envelop the spirit of the marathon all year long and expand the connectedness we have with the runners by spreading messages of love and light through positive intentions,” said Lynn Canty, narrator of the short film and member of the Hopkinton Freedom Team. “I hope the Marathon Love Letter conveys exactly that!”


Dear Runners: A Marathon Love Letter From Hopkinton, Massachusetts can be viewed at http://www.hcam.tv/marathonloveletterThe film will air on HCAM-TV, Hopkinton’s community access station, and will be shared via social media beginning September 28, 2021, and at local community and marathon-related events.


HCAM-TV is Hopkinton’s public and governmental community access television station. HCAM-TV provides local programming across all aspects of life in Hopkinton from school sports and events to governmental coverage to arts, entertainment and community issues.


Hopkinton Freedom Team is a Hopkinton, MA, based organization focused on creating unity in the community by fostering inclusion, solidarity and compassion for all people. The Freedom Team is focused on moving beyond tolerance to embracing, sharing and celebrating our community’s diversity. Its members meet monthly to explore ways of offering dialogue, support and programming to community members with a goal of promoting love, inclusion and trust (“LIT”).


The 26.2 Foundation is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization founded in 1996. Its mission is to promote and support the sport of marathoning, as well as health, wellness and economic development initiatives through strategic investments in innovative, multi-generational programs on local, regional, national and global levels.