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Event Insurance Case Study: Cap10K
Austin’s Statesman Capitol 10,000 (Cap10K) is a committed advocate for liability and cancellation insurance. Find out why and what your event can learn from their experiences.
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Improving Your Approach to Sponsorships and Partnerships
How can our industry advance the way it approaches sponsorships and partnerships? Run with P3R CEO Troy Schooley shared suggestions with us in 2019.
Simple Best Practices for Sustainable Events
Insight from the Cal International Marathon, a Running USA member and gold certified event by the Council for Responsible Sport
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Dave McGillivray's Runner Clinic Best Practices
If you decide to offer clinics, make an early commitment to it, find a good location for them, assign an experienced person or team to oversee the program, pick exciting and “hot” topics, choose your presenters carefully and heavily promote and market the sessions.