For more than a half century, Ashworth Awards has led the running industry in celebrating the accomplishments of participants across the USA. This year, Ashworth Awards is focused on growing the domestic manufacturing unit for its popular “Made in USA” medallion line to shorten lead times and satisfy an increasing number of customers.

“Ashworth Awards is expanding,” said Morgan Ashworth, a third-generation member of her family who works at the company. “We are consistently putting profits back into the company, our team, and our customers to ensure the ‘Made in USA’ line is utilized and loved by all our customers. We are focused on our customer needs and wants, so are growing the size of our shop considerably to ensure quality, timely, and innovative products.”

We caught up with Morgan, who focuses on human resources and organizational development for the company. Here’s what she had to say:

What innovative areas are you exploring in the year ahead?

MA: In the year ahead, Ashworth Awards is focused on pushing the limits of creativity within our “Made in USA” dimensional steel medallion line. In the past three years since creating the line, we have innovated our machinery and processes exponentially. Now, it is time to innovate the scope of our product lines.

Specifically, Ashworth Awards is looking for ways to compete with overseas factories utilized by our competitors to create movement and 3D features within our “Made in USA” products, all while maintaining sustainability and the high quality of Ashworth Awards products that our customers have always relied on.

What would you like race directors to know about Ashworth Awards and how you stand out in the medal/award space?

MA: Ashworth Awards is one of, if not the top medal and award producer in our industry. As a family-owned company with family and team members heavily involved in the sport, we get it! We understand the meaning and importance behind every medal your runners and participants receive. We understand that sometimes race directors prefer awards that hold utility over simply a medal. We understand the detail and design your races use and change each year to best reflect your race. I, being third generation at Ashworth Awards, grew up running your races as well as hearing your wants and needs in the industry. Our team similarly has experienced it all, from spectating to racing to volunteering. We can help you create the best award and promotional gear fitting your wants and needs.

What current global trends or supply chain challenges are impacting award production?

MA: Ashworth Awards has experienced a significant decrease in supply chain challenges that have arisen since the international shutdowns in 2020. Thanks to our “Made in USA” awards line, we have avoided the supply chain and shipping challenges that many have experienced as of late. Our customers do not have to worry about international shipment delays because their product is manufactured and shipped from the United States! While we still utilize our overseas manufacturing unit, we can pivot and make the product here if something were to happen within a shipment. Similarly, Ashworth Awards has always had long-term relationships with our carriers, so we are never concerned about working with them to overcome any supply chain challenges. When it comes to global trends, Ashworth Awards has listened to its customers and the global atmosphere, providing a sustainable line of awards that utilizes sustainable packaging as well.

Are runners still excited about finish line awards? What kind of creativity or unique approach does it take to keep them interested?

MA: Most runners are still overjoyed by a creative design that marks an accomplishment in their lives. Think of the traditional Boston Marathon medal. Though it slightly changes year by year, it maintains its traditional design. Still, however, we have pivoted to ensure unique approaches to keep participants interested. From dangling pieces that can be made into a necklace or keychain, to bottle opener designs, coasters, medal hangers and more, Ashworth Awards’ creativity matches the interest in awards of utility vocalized by runners and race directors.

What factors should events consider as they make awards production decisions?

MA: Events should consider utilizing a company such as Ashworth Awards willing to work with you in creating your design. Is it something we’ve never done before? Reach out and let’s make it happen! Similarly, follow global trends and look to use sustainable methods towards awards production. Finally, work with a company who can create a variety of products. Ashworth Awards is more than just medals. We create promotional items, apparel, decor, pins, coins, keychains, jewelry, and more! We can be your one stop shop for all your creative event needs.

Anything else you would like to add?

MA: Ashworth Awards is an innovative company willing to work with you to create something not yet done, or change something traditional to match your needs. From tradition to innovation, Ashworth Awards can help you create a customary award or a functional one. Think of your runners and what they want to see around their necks and proudly placed on a stand or hanger in their home. To start your next order, check out our website or reach out to us at