Runner Transportation: Best Practices and Pro Tips
Race-day transportation is an important part of the weekend plan for many races and also can be a significant race expense, often running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Providing race-morning transportation is standard with point-to-point courses and may also be used where parking is an issue at the start or finish venues.
What Event Swag Do Athletes Actually Want?
The 2022 Running USA Global Survey found that 16% of respondents consider the medal or finisher award when choosing a race. Sure, the main concern is the distance and course, race location, and if their friends are doing it, but runners are also all about the bling.
Charities Keep Charging Forward
While most funds are raised by athletes running major marathons like Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Rock ‘n’ Roll Series events and New York City, almost every race includes charity runners, and their commitment and dedication to the sport was apparent even in the most abnormal year for running ever: 2020.
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Dave McGillivray's Runner Clinic Best Practices
If you decide to offer clinics, make an early commitment to it, find a good location for them, assign an experienced person or team to oversee the program, pick exciting and “hot” topics, choose your presenters carefully and heavily promote and market the sessions.
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Race Ambassador Program Best Practices
Let your runners do the talking to create a successful Race Ambassador Program that will aid your marketing efforts